Dr Ajaz Alvi in Chicago, Illinois - BAD VET!!!!

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Do not take any animal to this vet. We had been customers for approx 2 years.

During this time my dog was hospitalized several times during the period when the treats from China were harming dogs, which unknowingly we were giving to her all of her life. Everytime she became sick we brought her in to Dr. Alvi and he treated her with only fluids and and antibiotic.When it finally reached the media that these treats were actually kiling some dogs, WE figured it out not our vet!! Recently she had an ear infection and my husband was working a double shift and had all of our credit cards with him and I asked if she could please be seen that day and my husband would stop by after work and pay or could they take his credit card over the phone.

I was told absolutely NOT!! After all this time being our vet, they refused. We have never been billed by them and ALWAYS, EVERYTIME paid our bill the day she was seen in full including the 3 stays in their hosptal sometimes 2-3 days at a time, which was extremely expensive, these stays were always paid in full the day we picked her up. The lack of compassion astounds me as well as the fact that he never informed me or picked up on the treats we were feeding her.

In fact he knew we were giving them to her namebrand and all and just continued to admit her without infoming us of the issue. Fact is, shame on me for continuing to see him after that!!

Do not make the same mistake I did. I guess money speaks to this so called caregiver rather than the true nature of his profession which I think everyone can agree is love for animals.

Monetary Loss: $1000.



You need to research what you are feeding your pet not your pets doctor. It's not like our drs tell us that don't eat French fries because they have tons of carcinogens ( cancer causing elements).

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